INDOOR INSPIRED Online Showcase #4 (13-14 Jan. 21)

INDOOR INSPIRED Online Showcase #4 (13-14 Jan. 21)
online (streaming live)
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INDOOR INSPIRED Online Showcase #4 (13-14 Jan. 21)
omni sight

Indoor Inspired is an online showcase series initiated by the booking platform gigmit. It was launched in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic to provide artists with a stage and help them showcase their music when travelling is impossible. The 4th edition of Indoor Inspired will showcase acts from all over the world on January 13-14, 2021. Save the date!

Performing acts will perform LIVE for 20 minutes and answer all of your questions during exclusive Q&A sessions (10 minutes per act). Are you ready to get INDOOR INSPIRED?

Line-up & tickets:
Wednesday 13th January
06:00 pm CET – No Name Coles
06:35 pm CET – omni sight
07:10 pm CET – Stony Sugarskull
07:45 pm CET – INES#talent Dirty Freud
08:20 pm CET – INES#talent Bernhard Eder

Thursday 14th January
06:00 pm CET – Myles Morgan
06:35 pm CET – M9 AWAKENING
07:10 pm CET – 3 South & Banana
07:45 pm CET – KrapkaKoma
08:20 pm CET – Ella Mar

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