“Save The Metro Compilations/V.A.”

omni sight
Club Metro
Producer: omni sight

All proceeds from this album will be donated to Kyoto Club Metro which is struggling due to the impact of Covid-19.

このアルバムの収益はCovid-19の影響で財政難に陥っている京都のClub Metroに全額寄付されます。

A beautiful sakura season in April 1990, 30 years ago from now, Club Metro Kyoto opened inside Marutamachi station when the Keihan train line was extended to Demachiyanagi.
From its opening, not only Club Metro has been a venue for famous artists and music, but also has been discovering interesting art expressions and excellent unknown artists from Kyoto and all over Japan, and putting a spotlight on them. Metro is still digging a tunnel that’s in the far side of the stage.
Club Metro aims to be a place where everyone can equally have great time together through art, share the enjoyment, and spend a happy life.
Now, Metro is put in the situation that we’ve never experienced ever before and is in the crisis of closing down as the events have been and are continuously cancelled.
At such time, our artist friends stood up and are going to make a compilation album to help Club Metro. This heartwarming offer cheered up our depressed feelings, and with courage, Metro staff and I are determined to overcome this crisis no matter what.
I am truly grateful for everyone who will take part with us.

Club Metro, Nick Yamamoto

Club Metroは30年前の1990年4月、桜が満開の京阪電車出町柳線が開通した後、丸太町駅構内にオープンしました。

Club Metro 山本ニック

2020/4/23 released

compiled by Sinkichi (Churashima Navigator)
artwork : IPPI (Visions)
mastering : KND (softribe)
assistance : Masaki Tamura (Do it jazz). YOTTU (Gift). Eri Koyama. Motohiko Sato (omni sight)

All rights reserved
Copyright omni sight. All Rights Reserved.